19 Things To Do In Hiroshima: Rabbit Island, Michelin-Awarded Okonomiyaki, And Island Hopping Via Bicycle

chris fauzi usagi kyun
Things to do in Hiroshima     Tokyo , Osaka , Kyoto and Nara are the 4 "biggest name" Japanese cities Singaporeans associate with Japan, and it's virtually every week that you'll see someone on your IG stories humblebrag about being in Japan.  Instead of travelling down a well-trodden path,...
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5 Japan Regions To Visit Till June To Take Advantage Of Perfect 20°C Weather

Japan Regions to Visit Till June 1
Visiting Japan in 2017   Travellers to Japan rejoice — the season of braving icy cold winds and frostbitten fingers is finally coming to a close. Spring is coming up, and that means cherry blossoms and all-in perfect weather. Over the next few months, Japan will be at its best,...
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The Ultimate Cherry Blossom Calendar For Japan 2017 Trips

1000 cherry trees at Hokkaido fort
Sakura hotspots in 2017: Where and when to visit   Adapted from source :  @insta.fol12 For most of us, encounters with cherry blossom have been limited to our instagram feed and romantic drama scenes. While a couple of sakura spots exist in Singapore , nothing compares to the romance of...
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