6 Lowkey Hidden Spots in Singapore's Parks That Will Get You Outdoors

botanic gardens instawalk ginger falls
Singapore Botanic Gardens and Marsiling Park   With numerous community parks and gardens throughout Singapore, it’s no surprise that we’ve earned a reputation as a ‘City in a Garden’. Living here has made us grow used to the greenery that surrounds us, with parks being a neighbourhood staple in every...
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7 Places Tucked Away In Chinatown That Are Off The Tourist Track

chinatown singapore
Interesting spots in Chinatown   Our city is known for its modern vibes. But amidst all the towering skyscrapers and futuristic architecture is Chinatown - one of the conserved historic districts of Singapore. Here, you can still find traditional shophouses, as well as Hindu temples, mosques and Chinese temples right...
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7 Rustic Spots In Pasir Ris To Kick It Back Old School

Pasir Ris Instawalk TheSmartLocal
Pasir Ris through the ages   Having grown up amidst high-rise buildings, Singapore is the epitome of a bustling metropolis. But don't be deceived by its cosmopolitan facade - in here lies longkang fishing spots, traces of our WW2 history and lush greenery in our city spaces. We’re talking about...
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Queenstown Instawalk Recap - 6 Spots That Mark The Beauty Of Singapore's First Satellite Town

queenstown instawalk stadium sports complex pastel
#Instawalk at Queenstown   Mature estate she may be, but sleepy neighbourhood she is definitely not. From old school nostalgia to breathtaking views, Queenstown represents how nature, history and new age architecture can all be found in one lovely town. As she continues to undergo upgrades and constant renewal, we...
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11 Places In Queenstown That Young Singaporeans Need To Discover

ridout tea garden queenstown macdonalds
Queenstown's enduring significance   Queenstown was a pioneer in many areas, from the earliest HDB flats built to the country’s first neighbourhood library and sports complex. But even in one of Singapore's oldest neighbourhoods, new-age HDB estates are sprouting up, breathing new life into its surroundings. The town’s oldest buildings...
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6 Tranquil Spots Within The Civic District To Achieve Full On Zen Mode

civic district singapore chill
Exploring the Civic District   Update 2018: Instawalk is coming back this April! Stay tuned on TSL to find out where we're off to next... We all want control of our lives, but we often get so caught up in work and school that we fail to appreciate the littlest...
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Jurong Instawalk Recap - 9 Spots Worth The Journey To The West

#Instawalk at Jurong - an estate more interesting than you think   Most know Jurong as Singapore’s ulu industrial area - or with the recent shopping mall additions, the West siders’ version of Orchard Road. But bigger things are in store for this estate. What you’ll see in this Instawalk...
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9 Underrated Things To Do in Jurong That Will Make You Jealous Of West-Siders

Jurong - more than just ‘ulu’   Singapore may only be 719.7 km² small, but that’s big enough for an East/West rivalry to develop. The evidence: West Sucks Stories - a Tumblr blog dedicated to proving East > West - and its rival, West Shiock Stories . As a born...
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Tiong Bahru #InstaWalk Recap - Heritage Within The Heartlands

tiong bahru market group photo
The great Tiong Bahru Insta-venture   Think Tiong Bahru, and the first things that pop into most of our heads are cafes, bookstores and quaint alleys that make insta-worthy OOTD shots. But this estate goes beyond its hipsterville facade. Despite being one of the first public housing estates to be...
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10 Places That Prove Tiong Bahru Is More Than Just Hipster

tiong bahru adventure playground
Tiong Bahru - heritage within the heartlands   Ah, Tiong Bahru - the seemingly ‘hipster’ neighbourhood that everyone knows and loves. Prior to getting the opportunity to explore this estate for myself, I only knew Tiong Bahru for two things: cafés and bookstores. But I stand corrected. Turns out, it...
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