7 Food Items To Up Your IG Feed Game At CHIJMES' Hypestagram Food Fest Every Weekend This June

chijmes hypestagram 2017 cover
CHIJMES’ Hypestagram Food Festival 2017   Adapted from: @vantwoo , @churrosfactory ,  @popbar , @fedbyphat   It's scientifically proven: food tastes better when it looks good . With that in mind, Hypestagram 2017 , happening on the Hari Raya long weekend (23-26 June 2017) , is bringing all the hottest...
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7 Rustic Spots In Pasir Ris To Kick It Back Old School

Pasir Ris Instawalk TheSmartLocal
Pasir Ris through the ages   Having grown up amidst high-rise buildings, Singapore is the epitome of a bustling metropolis. But don't be deceived by its cosmopolitan facade - in here lies longkang fishing spots, traces of our WW2 history and lush greenery in our city spaces. We’re talking about...
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9 Image Manipulations You Can Only Take In Singapore Because Drinking Merlion Water Is So 1999

Acing that #ForcedPerspective   Us wanderlusters have always longed for a Leaning Tower of Pisa to hoist up or a certain Eiffel Tower to hold between our fingers. Whether you’re a jetsetter or an ordinary civilian, you’ve probably been guilty of the oldest photography trick in the book - the...
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10 Hypebeast Backdrops In Central Singapore's Less Accessible Corners

Hypebeast shots for Instagram in the +65   So you think you’re hype enough to join the collective, having transformed your wardrobe from Bugis Street wares to HBX-approved gear. For the ‘gram , it is not so much of the clothes you wear but where the shot is made. A...
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9 Underrated Things To Do in Jurong That Will Make You Jealous Of West-Siders

Jurong - more than just ‘ulu’   Singapore may only be 719.7 km² small, but that’s big enough for an East/West rivalry to develop. The evidence: West Sucks Stories - a Tumblr blog dedicated to proving East > West - and its rival, West Shiock Stories . As a born...
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10 Places That Prove Tiong Bahru Is More Than Just Hipster

tiong bahru adventure playground
Tiong Bahru - heritage within the heartlands   Ah, Tiong Bahru - the seemingly ‘hipster’ neighbourhood that everyone knows and loves. Prior to getting the opportunity to explore this estate for myself, I only knew Tiong Bahru for two things: cafés and bookstores. But I stand corrected. Turns out, it...
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10 Vanishing Sights Of Singapore To Cherish Before They Are Gone For Good

Singapore's sights that aren't coming back   “Show the world what Singapore can be” - Hugh Harrison (Composer), Count On Me, 1986  Since 1986, our nation’s been busy building itself to where it can be - a modern and “ zhng -ed” Lion City. So on any given day, it’s...
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7 Places In Bedok That Make It The East's Unofficial Instagram Hub

A hub of Every Type of Insta-worthy Location   Even with how accessible Singapore's public transport system is, travelling with camera gear from MacRitchie for a calm, relaxing-by-the-boardwalk shot to East Coast for a refreshing beach shot can quickly get you sweating buckets from the sweltering heat. If you're looking...
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10 Prettiest MRT Stations In Singapore When Photographed Without Crowds

Gorgeous MRT stations you’ve never noticed   A lot of us take our daily commutes without really noticing what’s around - and who can blame us? Between getting squished like sardines and trying not to fall while scrolling through FB, it’s hard to focus on anything else during MRT rides....
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10 #OOTD Tips To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Grooming the finest of Instagram Boyfriends   Have you ever stared in a mixture of awe and jealousy at another female’s beautifully curated Instagram feed thinking “who took this beautiful shot?!” - you’ve just chanced upon a lucky girl with a very talented Instagram Boyfriend. All the girls in the...
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