8 #Reflectiongram Spots In Singapore For Next Level Mirror Shots

Leaf-shaped reflection shot achieved at the Future Of Us Exhibition
Say hello to the new mirror selfie   Do away with the archaic and stock mirror OOTDs, and ring in the modern era of #reflectiongrams. This revolutionary way of taking mirror shots will seem like you’ve found a time machine to transport you a millennium into the future when in...
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10 Hypebeast Backdrops In Central Singapore's Less Accessible Corners

Hypebeast shots for Instagram in the +65   So you think you’re hype enough to join the collective, having transformed your wardrobe from Bugis Street wares to HBX-approved gear. For the ‘gram , it is not so much of the clothes you wear but where the shot is made. A...
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10 #OOTD Tips To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Grooming the finest of Instagram Boyfriends   Have you ever stared in a mixture of awe and jealousy at another female’s beautifully curated Instagram feed thinking “who took this beautiful shot?!” - you’ve just chanced upon a lucky girl with a very talented Instagram Boyfriend. All the girls in the...
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10 Simple Tips for Amazing Food Photos That Will Up Your Instagram Game

Do you even Instagram?   Everyone can take a selfie. The only thing that has changed is that it’s become serious business. Yes friends, professional Instagramming has become a thing. With Instagrammers quitting their day jobs to propel themselves into the world of lights, camera and action, we find ourselves...
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Top Singapore Chefs Comment On How Instagram Changed The Way We Eat

#foodstagram - how much influence does it have?   If there is one social media platform which seems to have the biggest influence on the food scene, it’s Instagram. All of my friends post pictures of their three meals and late night supper runs every day, leading to the inevitable...
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10 First World Problems Every Instagrammer Suffers

Behind every Instagram photo   The stress of exposing every detail of our existence in the social media limelight sure is tough. Come on, we all know the truth behind social media. With every 40 potential #ootd or selfie pictures, you’ll get one or two marginally decent photos that make...
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20 Most Instagram-worthy Places in Singapore

Pictures say a thousand words   We may not have the four seasons or any of the seven wonders of the world, but there are some seriously Instagram-worthy places right here. You just have to know where to find them. If you liked last year’s edition , this year we’ve...
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14 Ingenious Instagram Games To Play With Your Friends

Photo Competitions   Source Photography has come a long way since Niépce's sliding wooden box invented circa 1826, and now it's common to see people snapping photos of anything and everything just because we can. So why we haven't exploited this brilliant piece of technology to quell our boredom in a healthy...
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9 Singapore #FoodPorn Instagrams That Will Make You Want To Lick Your Screen

Best Food IG Accounts In Singapore   We all have that one friend who Instagrams pictures of his/her food endlessly. Either that or we have at least someone we follow online who posts snapshots of their baking/cooking/eating adventures, anything that evolves around food. Love it or hate it, they're here...
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17 Instagrammers So Amazing You Wouldn't Believe They're Singaporean

About Singaporean Instagrammers   Even if you aren’t technologically savvy, you should have heard of Instagram. Till date, more than 300 million users worldwide pit their photography (and editing skills) against each other to share pieces of their lives with their followers.   These 16 Singaporean Instagrammers have gorgeous feeds...
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