8 Countries Singaporeans Talk About Migrating To All The Time - Ranked By Costs Of Moving There

best countries to migrate to
Migrating to your dream city   As much as we love Singapore, most of us have, at some point, dreamt of just packing up and moving to somewhere new and exciting. Unfortunately, getting a grasp of just how much it costs to buy a house overseas and getting an idea...
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10 Gorgeous Bintan Resorts That'll Take You To Paradise Starting From SGD $70 A Night

Bintan Resorts You Probably Didn’t Even Know About   Think of getting away from Singapore for the weekend, and most Singaporeans think of going on a road trip to Malaysia or flying to Bangkok, discounting the perfectly good - and affordable - alternative that is Bintan Island.  Cast away all...
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Waterbom Bali - The Most Extreme Waterpark in Asia Just Got Better

Ready, Set anddd WHOOOSH!!   Credit: Waterbom Bali Theme park lovers have Six Flags in America on their bucket lists, with rides there that will reduce the bravest of thrill seekers to jelly. Kingda Ka, El Toro, and Superman: Escape from Krypton, among other rides, have reached mythical status, attracting...
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11 Reasons Yogyakarta Is The Most Adventurous City You Never Knew Existed

Yogyakarta - Cultural Capital Of Indonesia   When thinking about a location for a getaway, what do we look for? A city with sights our eyes have never seen and a destination so unique it’ll leave us with memories that’ll last forever. It also helps that it doesn’t burn a...
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11 Obscure Getaway Locations in South-East Asia With Amazing Holiday Potential

Escape the crowds!   With locations like Krabi and Boracay increasingly drawing in the tourist dollars, it’s hard to find a secluded location for a vacation nowadays. Most popular destinations are overcrowded with people, and nobody wants to jostle for space on a crowded beach - there are far better...
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10 Secrets Learned At Club Med Bali - An Inside Look At The Club Med Experience

Club Med Bali   When I was growing up, I always thought of Club Med as an exclusive paradise that the rich people went to. Maybe it was because my Dad had this uber rich friend, and all he did was to go on Club Med holidays. He had this grin...
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Lombok - 10 Reasons to visit the "Baby Bali" Before It Grows Up


Getting to know Lombok   This was not an easy piece to write. Lombok is like the amazing secret lover you don’t want people to know of. You canoodle, enjoy days of passionate rendezvous and live to tell a couple of close friends about it, but nothing more. You look...
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Bandung Guide - 10 Reasons to visit the Paris of Indonesia

About Bandung   This week, Christabel and I took a trip to Bandung, a booming metropolis increasingly popular with Singaporeans. Surrounded by volcanic mountains, this city used to be filled with tea plantations established by the Dutch who wanted to capitalise on the region’s fertility. Bandung was also nicknamed the...
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15 reasons to visit Semarang at least once in your lifetime

15 reasons why Semarang will surprise you   When I told my mum that I was headed to Semarang, Indonesia for a short getaway, she shot me a quizzical look. “Why?” she asked incredulously. It’s easy to dismiss this obscure Indonesian city as a sleepy town with nothing much to...
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The Top 10 Things to do in Surabaya, Indonesia

The City of Heroes   Surabaya is known locally as the "City of Heroes" because of its importance in Indonesia's fight for independence. This city is the second largest in Indonesia, but it's hardly a popular travel destination due to its lack of publicity. Most of its tourists come from...
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