13 Types Of Singapore Ghosts And Where You Can Find Them

Where got ghost?   Singaporeans are generally skeptical people with a weakness for ghost stories. Some of us can feel their presence, the rest of us are like “where got ghost?” Regardless of whether you believe in them or not, we’ve always held a fascination for supernatural beings.  If you’ve...
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13 Most Haunted Places in Singapore History and the Legends behind them

13 Scariest Singapore Ghost Stories   Every country has their fair share of horror stories. They are passed down and sometimes warped by each generation. But these are the stories we sit around telling each other when we try to scare one another during chalet outings. From our collective experiences,...
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Remembering the 16 Most Horrifying Incidents that shook Singapore

Remembering Singapore's Biggest Disasters   We always think Singapore is safe. And it is. I can leave my house at 3am and take a stroll around my neighbourhood and reach home at 4am - cold and shivering and feeling stupid. But, safe. With this feeling of security, i t is...
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