SAFRA Punggol Has A Bouncy Castle And Skating Rink This Christmas

safra punggol bouncy castle
Usher in Christmas with SAFRA Punggol    Source The question that gets tossed around most as Christmas approaches is “any plans for the December holidays?” Some of you are headed to see the snow capped mountains of Mount Fuji or ski down the slopes of the Swiss Alps, but with...
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10 Ways Melbourne Is So Much More Than The HQ Of Cafes For Singaporeans

A hipster’s guide to Melbourne City   Yes, Melbourne is the undisputed cafe capital of Australia. And yes, Melbourne boasts some of the finest coffee your tastebuds will ever come into contact with. But no, that’s not all that Melbourne has to offer. You don’t become the most liveable city...
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10 Taiwan Adventures For Young-People That You Never Knew Were Possible

A Taiwan you’ve never seen   A Taiwan holiday seems to be every 20-something-year-old’s cup of (bubble) tea - and we’re not surprised! Their mind-blowing selection of tantalising street snacks from am to pm, Bangkok-worthy shopping game, and milk tea mania is reason enough. And it doesn’t just end there....
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11 Japanese Ryokan Stays To Turn Your Vacation Into A Studio Ghibli Adventure

Living your childhood anime dream   Source Say what you want, but I’ve been buying all my stuff from Daiso in hopes of getting my house close enough to resemble Doraemon’s. Unfortunately, it turns out that not everyone enjoys kneeling during dinner time, nor fancies the excessive amount of tatami...
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9 Best DISCOUNTED Staycations Over The GSS Weekends Because You #EarnedIt

Your Dream Staycation at GSS Prices   Retail outlets get all the love when it comes to the Great Singapore Sale, with huge signs plastered all around shopping malls proclaiming "DISCOUNTS OF UP TO 80%!" everywhere you look. This year, take a *short* break from all that shopping to recharge,...
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AMRITSAR - The City You Can Live For Under $20 A Day Is Scoot's Latest Destination

Not your average Bollywood destination   It can be a challenge fulfilling your dreams of wanderlust when you're strapped for cash. Bangkok, Langkawi, and Bali make postcard-perfect holiday spots, but if you don't want to be another one jumping on the typical travel bandwagon, step out of your comfort zone...
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7 BEST Vacations to Whack the Remaining 2016 Long Weekends Under $450 (Inc Flight + Hotel)

Long weekend away from Singapore   Long weekends are exciting - everyone looks forward to those sweet days of relaxation and being free from work. But planning for those long weekends can be quite a horror, and overseas trips are always out of the question, due to jacked-up airfares and...
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