10 Taiwan Adventures For Young-People That You Never Knew Were Possible

A Taiwan you’ve never seen   A Taiwan holiday seems to be every 20-something-year-old’s cup of (bubble) tea - and we’re not surprised! Their mind-blowing selection of tantalising street snacks from am to pm, Bangkok-worthy shopping game, and milk tea mania is reason enough. And it doesn’t just end there....
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11 Japanese Ryokan Stays To Turn Your Vacation Into A Studio Ghibli Adventure

Living your childhood anime dream   Source Say what you want, but I’ve been buying all my stuff from Daiso in hopes of getting my house close enough to resemble Doraemon’s. Unfortunately, it turns out that not everyone enjoys kneeling during dinner time, nor fancies the excessive amount of tatami...
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14 Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Go On Vacations In 2016

The world's your oyster   2016 marks my first year in a decade of not being a teen - yes, I can no longer escape situations with the “I’m a teenager who doesn’t know better" excuse. That said, this year marks a whole host of exciting things - graduation, moving...
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10 Boutique Hotels In Georgetown For A Holiday That's Truly Penang

A taste of Penang wherever you are   Source Other than handmade goods and street food, the next best thing about Georgetown is that it’s home to a plethora of well-preserved colonial buildings and Peranakan style residences. Make the most of your trip to one of Malaysia’s most cultural cities...
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17 Gorgeous Boutique Hotels In KL That Won't Break Your Bank

Boutique-ful escapes   Boutique hotels are undeniably amazing because they help you save money and YET are interesting alternatives to your regular city hotel! This list of 17 gorgeous boutique hotels in KL will definitely make you think twice about frequenting your regular 5-star ones. You’re welcome.   1. Anggun...
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Europe Travel Haul With Bellywellyjelly - PrettySmart Episode 23

Favourite Travel Buys From Europe   In the latest episode of PrettySmart, Christabel shares her favourite buys from her travels in Europe with STA Travel Singapore ! From a fruit-infused water bottle to chocolates and a canteen, find out what wacky buys she hand-carried all the way home from the...
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Watch Bellywellyjelly Climb An Active Volcano In Bali! - PrettySmart Episode 22

PrettySmart Takes Over Mount Batur   Ever wondered how rolling out of bed at 1 a.m. to gear up for a mountain hike in Bali would feel? In this episode, follow Christabel as she takes you on a hike up Mount Batur, an active volcano standing at 1717 metres above...
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17 Modern Hostels in Southeast Asia Under $30 To Save Money And Meet New Friends

Travelling on a Budget   Source Unlike their depictions in pop culture, hostels aren't always creepy and dingy. In fact, many of our best memories were created during our stays in hostels. For us, a hostel was more than a place for sleeping or mugging - it's where we formed...
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Bellywellyjelly's Tips For a Perfect Beach Holiday - PrettySmart: Episode 21

Travel Tips for your Beach Holiday   In the latest episode of PrettySmart, I'm going to be sharing with you all my Beach Holiday Travel Essentials! From what to pack to how to pack them, pick up some useful travel tips for your upcoming beach holiday!   Tip #1: Always...
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9 Things To Do With Your Family This June

Bond with your family.   Kids, it’s time to kick back and enjoy your freedom after five whole months of studying. Parents, it’s time to take your kids on those outings that you’ve always talked about. Everyone's busy enough during the school season, and you should reward yourself and your...
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