10 Less Sinful Work Snacks For Singaporean OLs Watching Their Weight

Guilt-free office snacking   Unless you’re one crazy disciplined soul, you’ve probably succumbed to the pantry’s temptations more than once. And if your pantry is as well-stocked as ours, it’s hard to resist the snacking urge every time 4pm rolls around. Contrary to popular belief, snacking isn’t bad for health...
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10 Coconut Recipes You Can Make At Home For Quick Healthy Meals

Coconut recipes you'll love    Coconut lovers don't have it easy in Singapore - we're faced with macarons when we really want macaroons , and the realest and quickest fix is priced at $4 per Thai coconut from your hawker centre drink stall. Sure, you can buy coconuts on the...
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