10 FREE Fitness Programs For Singaporeans Who Are Slowly Becoming One With Their Office Chairs

Free ways to keep fit in Singapore
FOC ways to stay healthy   Image adapted from: @jaclui As much as we’d like to convince ourselves otherwise, the 9-6 life for us office workers is pretty stagnant. For most of us, our only form of daily exercise is walking out to buy lunch, or worse, walking to the...
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We Tried This LAC Weight Loss Drink And Lost 1kg Healthily In Just 7 Days

Fast Weight Loss -  LAC LeanCut fx7
New year, new body goals   Chinese New Year is right around the corner, so odds are your home’s fraught with temptation   - love letters, pineapple tarts and those “once-start-cannot-stop” prawn rolls. You’ve already started sneakily snacking, and your CNY outfit is getting harder to put on by the...
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