6 Restaurants In The CBD With Calorie Count Menus That Will Pass Your Fitspo Friends' QC

bibimbap calories
Restaurants in CBD with calorie count menus   Image adapted from: @foodieqdee Count the memories, not the calories sounds catchy , but this mantra can get hard to live by when trying to stay healthy.   So enter the grand plan of monitoring your calorie intake, which can be a tedious...
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9 Snack Substitutes That Will Con Your Cravings Into Being Satisfied W/O The Guilt

Oat Mee
Guilt-free snacking   Source: @ezatuladlin Humans are so hard to please. We want to fill our stomachs to the brim with our fave food, yet we whine about not having slender enough bodies and the ineffectiveness of our monthly gym memberships. But it doesn’t have to be a vicious cycle...
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5 Healthy Drink Recipes To Enjoy MARIGOLD UJI CHA Japanese Green Tea

MARIGOLD UJI CHA Japanese Green Tea   Regardless if you’re a coffee, bubble tea, or kopitiam teh ping addict, you’re probably used to dropping quite a bit of money on your cups of cold, sweet goodness. And while $3/day doesn’t seem like much, it adds up to quite a fair...
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9 Healthy Eats In Town Under $10 That Show Clean Eating Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

orchard clean eat
Clean eating in Orchard for less   Adapted from  Source Eating clean is a tall order for cash-strapped Singaporeans, especially when we're stuck in town. With similar prices, fast food can often seem miles more attractive when compared to measly portions of the ‘healthier option’ - making the food dilemma...
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10 Less Sinful Work Snacks For Singaporean OLs Watching Their Weight

Guilt-free office snacking   Unless you’re one crazy disciplined soul, you’ve probably succumbed to the pantry’s temptations more than once. And if your pantry is as well-stocked as ours, it’s hard to resist the snacking urge every time 4pm rolls around. Contrary to popular belief, snacking isn’t bad for health...
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5 Deadly Sugar Sins You’re Unknowingly Committing

Sugar myths busted!   If you haven’t heard, Singapore has just declared war… on diabetes. With 1 in 8 Singaporeans falling victim to diabetes; that shocking headline of  white rice being worse than soda  was enough to stir up commotion amongst a society of rice eaters. In fact, the sickeningly...
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Open Farm Community: Food Plucked Fresh From Their Backyard And Onto Your Plate

A Local Garden Affair   It’s all about supporting local this year in Singapore, especially with the ongoing nationwide SG50 celebration. While others enthusiastically produce items that’s uniquely Singapore (think SG50 fishcakes ), Open Farm Community serves food that's grown 5 minutes from where you're dining, making your dish uniquely...
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