10 Less Sinful Work Snacks For Singaporean OLs Watching Their Weight

Guilt-free office snacking   Unless you’re one crazy disciplined soul, you’ve probably succumbed to the pantry’s temptations more than once. And if your pantry is as well-stocked as ours, it’s hard to resist the snacking urge every time 4pm rolls around. Contrary to popular belief, snacking isn’t bad for health...
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5 Yummy Recipes You Can Prepare With $10 That Feed A Whole Family

NTUC Wholesome Foods Challenge
Eat the food. Feel the love.   Food made by our loved ones is irreplaceable, even by Michelin-starred restaurants. Yet, home-cooked meals are rare, as Singaporean families increasingly choose to eat out. This often comes at the cost of digging a hole in our pockets, or worse, our family’s health....
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5 Deadly Sugar Sins You’re Unknowingly Committing

Sugar myths busted!   If you haven’t heard, Singapore has just declared war… on diabetes. With 1 in 8 Singaporeans falling victim to diabetes; that shocking headline of  white rice being worse than soda  was enough to stir up commotion amongst a society of rice eaters. In fact, the sickeningly...
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You Wouldn't Believe What Singaporeans Do To Keep Healthy - TSL Comedy: Episode 22

Keeping healthy in the new year January is almost over and I hope everyone's hanging on to their new year resolutions for  a healthier lifestyle . But if you haven't, maybe these "health nuts" can inspire you to get on track. In this episode of TSL Comedy, we delve into...
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10 Best Juice Bars In Melbourne For Your Detox Juice Cleanse Fix

Start your juice cleanse with these Melbourne juice bars!   Healthy living these days has become somewhat of a fad, with many people wanting to jump on the bandwagon but with no idea on how to begin. Smoothies and juices are a great way to get started and fulfil your...
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15 Powerfoods In Singapore That Will Change Your Life

Local Singapore Powerfoods   Powerfoods are the healthiest types of food in the world. They hold superpowers thanks to their high nutrient and vitamin content. There are many powerfood lists around that cater to the Western community but we've never seen one with a local, Singapore focus. And we’ve also...
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10 Healthy Alternatives To Local Malaysian Food So You Will Never Grow Fat

Healthy Alternatives To Local Malaysian Food   Just because you eat clean don’t mean you don’t miss it. T-Swift knows the struggle and we do too. Every Malaysian loves their nasi lemak but most can’t afford to eat it on a regular basis because of the sheer amount of oil,...
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Eggs And Berries - Design Your Own Healthy Burger

About Eggs and Berries   The Do-It-Yourself trend has taken Singapore by storm. Be they birthday cards, room decorations, or fashion apparels, we are getting increasingly hands-on in our daily lives. The trend has been turned up a notch by the launch of Eggs and Berries' first build-your-own coloured burger...
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Bibigo - Casual And Affordable Korean Food In The City

About Bibigo   Bibigo is owned by Korean food company CJ Foods, which cut its teeth putting out sugar products back in 1953. The first Bibigo branch was opened in Seoul, and they came to our sunny shores in 2010. Today, Bibigo can be found not just in Asia, but...
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GRUB - The Jewel Of Bishan Park Is Now Open For Weekday Lunch!

About GRUB   GRUB is my weakness. After running 5km around the whole park and feeling like I did something healthy, I always feel a need to reward myself. I'll end up heading to GRUB for either a sweet treat of Churros or a more sinful meal of burgers and...
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