12 Unwritten Laws Of The Bro Code - What Every Singaporean Bro Must Know

Are You Bro Enough?   Ah Bros To Men  Source There are acquaintances, friends, family, lifelong partners, and then there are Bros. A kind of relationship among guys that’s a solid notch above friends. It is sticking up for someone, even sticking your neck out for them, giving them moral...
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12 Bro Hangouts In Singapore So Boys Night Out Doesn't End Up In A LAN Shop

Bro Big or Bro Home   Us ladies have it made with endless activity options every weekend, from shopping sprees all across the island to swanky high teas to attend. Surely there's got to be more for the dudes than chilling at some nondescript corner in town and whiling the...
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8 Interesting Facts About St Patrick's Festival - The Party Of The Year

St. Patrick’s Festival - A One-Of-A-Kind Party For Singaporeans   Source What’s so good about the month of March? When I was a kid it was the week-long school holidays, but as an adult, well, the answer is St Patrick’s Festival . While St Patrick’s Festival is seen as a...
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13 New Things You Start To Appreciate As You Grow Older In Singapore

Stepping Into Adulthood   Source There are things that we’ll love whether we’re 8 or 50. Like Nutella, Marvel superheroes, or an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. And then there are those that only get better with time. As kids, it was hard to understand why grown-ups love all the lame...
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12 Trending Food Hacks That Seem Strange But Are Actually Pure Genius

Most Delicious Food Hacks   Think you’ve tried it all? Think again. We all know even delicious food can be made better. That was the reason cheese was invented. Because cheese makes everything taste better. But which other foods can be taken to the next level? Some foods may at...
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Guinness World Record for "Longest Bar Slide" Broken in Singapore!

February 21st marked the launch of the brand new GUINNESS® Draught in a bottle (GDIB) at an exclusive party held at Timbre @ The Arts House. It was also the day where history was going to be made. To celebrate their launch, a custom made 15m bar top was constructed...
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