5 Trampoline Parks In Singapore To Bounce Your Calories Away From Just $6.25/hour

Trampoline park -  ninja warior cover image
Trampoline parks in Singapore   Image adapted from: Bounce  We know we gotta exercise, but for many of us, working out feels like a much-dreaded chore. Here’s how you can push yourself to do what you gotta do: gather a bunch of friends for a fun day out at a...
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11 Group Outings In Sentosa Made Cheaper For NTUC Cardholders

Take over Sentosa with your squad   Source  If you’re the designated planner of outings for your group gatherings - you’ll realize there's only so much KTV one can sing or BBQs one can have before boredom rears its ugly head. Your friends aren’t helping when they say “anything lah”,...
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16 Insane Skills You Won't Believe You Could Learn in Singapore


Crazy Skills You Can Learn In Singapore   Source Today, you answer any question beginning with “how do I…” by simply pulling up a tab on Chrome or Safari and consulting your Youtube gurus. From makeup to learning the guitar - you’re amazed at the sheer wealth of tutorials available...
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14 Super Fun Group Outing Ideas To Make Your Friends Say Bojio!


Group Outing Ideas You Never Thought Of   Besides finding a way to block Pirate Kings game requests for an eternity, having nowhere to go in Singapore is another perennial first world problem that haunts us to no end.  Planning a group outing is the greatest headache in the Universe,...
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