GreenUrbanScape Asia 2017 - Greenery Marketplace With Stalls & Free Workshops For Budding HDB Gardeners

Organic food and lifestyle pop-up market   Image credit:  Plantui We all have that one adventurous neighbour who makes the task of growing fruits and vegetables look like child's play. If you’ve always been curious as to how some of them manage to take things to the next level by...
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Singapore's Biggest Community Flea Market Is Coming To Toa Payoh

The biggest upcycling market in town   Imagine a dimension where alcohol bottles light up your room at night, newspapers tell the time, and milk cartons double up as coin pouches - no need to visualise it, because we are living in that confusing realm! Here, this word explains everything:...
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We Tried 2 Zero Waste Experiments And Here's The Trash An Average Singaporean Generates

TSL Goes Green!   When I found that out that Singaporeans generated over 7.67 million tonnes of waste last year, I was shocked. To put things into perspective, that’s equivalent to the weight of around 7 million elephants. So, when NTUC FairPrice challenged us to go green by reducing the...
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10 Amusing Ways Singaporeans Were Eco-Friendly Without Even Trying

Unexpected benefits   Singaporeans - we’re really a unique species with our odd habits and traditions, many of which were passed down from our parents and grandparents. Remember how our mothers used to say, “If you don’t finish your rice, your boyfriend/girlfriend will have a lot of pimples”? Little did...
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10 Easy Ways You Could Be Saving the Earth but #Procrastination Took Over

Green Is The New Gold   We all have our new year resolutions, and it’s always around the three month mark when we check-in to see how much progress we’ve made, only to find that we’ve moved about an inch. I know my resolution to eat clean, get fit, and...
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