Grab's New Promocode Gives Compulsive Cabbers $10 Off 2nd Ride Every Day

Cabbing is the way to go   Hands up if you cab everywhere you go - even though Singapore’s only 719.7 km² big, your transport fares can still add up to a fair bit. That’s why all cheapskate thrifty compulsive cabbers eagerly anticipate the promo codes in their inboxes, or use...
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These GrabTaxi Promo-Codes Let You Save $11/Day On Mon-Fri This Week

Grab cover imageDon't flag when you can Grab   Gone are the days when we used to stand at the sidewalk desperately waving our hands at any taxi that drove by, despite the bright red “HIRED” on it. Instead, you now see a bunch of office-goers frantically switching between the GrabTaxi and other...
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Singapore's Most Influential Brands Were Honored At This Grand Gala Event

Influential Brands 2016The “Oscars” for Singapore's best brands   Source: Influential Brands 2016 marked the momentous year Leo Dicaprio broke his winless streak at the Oscars, finally taking home the highest honor for actors - the coveted gold statuette. Actors put in years of hard work for their Oscars ovations, but few people...
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Top 10 Things Singaporeans Waste Money On And How To STAHP

How Singaporeans Waste Money   Let’s be real. There’re bound to be days where we just want to pamper ourselves a little more, live the #baller life and make it rain. From splurging on expensive coffee to frozen yogurt, we sometimes play posh till we realize that we might have to...
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