Grab's New Premium Rates Let You Ride In A Mercedes-Benz From $7.50

grab premium bmwGrabCar Premium - Riding in Style   For many of us, it's second nature to swipe open the Grab app to get ourselves a ride to our preferred destination. And if you're a regular Grab rider like me, you'll almost always expect your driver to roll up in a Toyota Corolla...
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GrabTaxi's 10/10 Promotion Gets You $7 Off Taxi Rides This Week

Grab Promo Code March 2017 Skip the long queue, Grab a quick ride   After a long day, the only thing that’s on your mind is your sweet, glorious bed just waiting for you at home. With your new mindset that one needs to “treat themselves”, you decide to taxi home, but what you’re met with...
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