5 Feel Good Daily Life Upgrades To Low-Key Pamper Yourself

Simple Ways To Treat Yourself   Adapted from Source PSA for all my fellow penny pinchers out there - it’s time to loosen up on our cheapo ways and start treating ourselves to life’s many guilty pleasures. “Why?” you ask? As the ever-enduring L’Oreal catchphrase goes - because you’re worth it....
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6 Seemingly Unreachable Luxuries That Are Now Attainable For All Singaporeans

cheap yacht partyAtas, but not out of reach   Adapted from Source “You think what, money grows on trees ah?”This is something many of us have heard while growing up, and have come to (painfully) realise how true it really is. While things like yacht parties and travelling to exotic destinations seem to...
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Grab's New Premium Rates Let You Ride In A Mercedes-Benz From $7.50

grab premium bmwGrabCar Premium - Riding in Style   For many of us, it's second nature to swipe open the Grab app to get ourselves a ride to our preferred destination. And if you're a regular Grab rider like me, you'll almost always expect your driver to roll up in a Toyota Corolla...
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2 Singaporeans Grabbed Rides With Ben Tang and Chloe Choo And Hung Out With Them

Grab X TinderMaking friends with Ben Tang and Chloe Choo   On 19th May, Grab’s collaboration with Tinder took flight as customers were given the chance to share free rides with Singapore’s prominent social media personalities. The luckiest ones were invited to a personal hang-out session with the stars - we followed Chloe...
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Grab's New Promocode Gives Compulsive Cabbers $10 Off 2nd Ride Every Day

Cabbing is the way to go   Hands up if you cab everywhere you go - even though Singapore’s only 719.7 km² big, your transport fares can still add up to a fair bit. That’s why all cheapskate thrifty compulsive cabbers eagerly anticipate the promo codes in their inboxes, or use...
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