Gardens By The Bay Has A Children's Festival & Begonia Garden Trail For Families To Spend Their June Holidays

Gardens by the Bay events Move over iPads and computer games, old-school Enid Blyton books are making a comeback! And it’s easy to see why: kids, no matter what era, enjoy livin...

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Here's Why the Singapore Food Festival 2016 is The Pop-Up Event Of The Year

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The Spectacular Tulipmania Brings Us 35,000 (!!!) Tulips In A 22°C Dome

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9 Things To Do With Your Family This June

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The Singapore Garden Festival is back and for the first time held at Gardens by The Bay till 24 Aug 2014

Singapore Garden Festival 2014    Held biennially in Singapore, visitors from home and abroad converge like honey bees to the beautiful floral offerings at the Singapor...