10 Vegan Eateries Under $10 Because Going Vegan Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

nomvnom vegan burger
Wallet-friendly vegan food in Singapore   Singapore may be the world’s 2nd most vegan-friendly city , but still, vegan options often come at hefty prices. So for all the vegans who are on a budget and wish to switch things up from all-veg cai fan , this list eateries with...
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10 Places With Atas European Food At Only $10 Or Less

cheap european food
Wallet-friendly European fare in Singapore   Mention European cuisine, and an image of a fancy restaurant - where dressing up is mandatory - immediately comes to mind. Its menu will probably be peppered with French and you’ll feel as though you have to sell your soul just to have an...
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6 Sweet Burgers To Try In Singapore When Savoury Ones Get Too Mainstream

Donut Burger, Oh My Tian
Sweet Burgers Yummier Than Their Savoury Counterparts   Judging by the number of burger chains and listicles about the best burgers in Singapore , it’s clear that burgers are a favourite of many here. But this foodie paradise holds many burger secrets, the best-kept of which are only discoverable by...
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