10 Things To Do In Fiji For First Timers - The Level 99 Of All Beach Vacays

Things To Do On Your Virgin Trip To Fiji Islands   Bali, Phuket and Krabi once formed the holy trinity of beach vacays, but over time, its formula of overcrowded shores, touting tuk-tuk drivers and relentless “ni hao”s stopped gelling with a generation that wants to be “travelers, not tourists.”...
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Fiji Airways’ Pop-Up Hut Will Bring You To Fiji Island With A 4D Virtual Reality Headset

Fiji Airways Virtual Rehab Roadshow    Of all the new flight routes added to Singapore in 2016, Fiji Island has generated the most buzz - and rightfully so. What other island vacation has a floating pizzeria, endless sand dunes and the footprints of a long-bearded Tom Hanks? If you can’t...
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