New And Fun Things To Do In March 2017: EDM Picnic Festival, Human Library, and Vintage Flea Market

Electronic Picnic Festival
No such thing as too March fun   Source After the festive season in January and February, everyone’s back to the mundane work routine. But March doesn’t have to be just a boring chiongster month - it’s okay to regulate your schedule with pockets of fun, so that you don’t...
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This Festival Will Be The Most Provocative Thing Singapore Has Seen In A Long Time

akulah bimbo sakti
Baring it all   Source: TUCKY/Cake Theatrical Productions We’ve been touted as the best city in Asia to live in, and flourished on the global stage with one of the most advanced economies. Yet, we’re still known for playing it too safe and being averse to taboos of any degree....
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Here's Why the Singapore Food Festival 2016 is The Pop-Up Event Of The Year

Singapore Food Festival 2016 is here   Source There’s something about pop-up events that makes them so fun. Perhaps it’s the transient ‘here today, gone tomorrow' nature of the event, or the expectation that it sets up of a special experience that is specially curated, brimming with imagination, and featuring...
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12 Festivals In Sydney You Won't Want To Miss This Year

Gettin’ Artsy In The Harbour City     Source The best way to soak in some local culture? Attend an art festival for a  curated look at what’s on offer! Known for its culturally rich arts industry, Sydney is home to many festivals that are worth a look at, besides...
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20 New and Fun things to do in August 2015

20 New and Fun things to do in August 2015

New Things To Do In August   Come 9th August, Singaporeans gather to celebrate the 50th birthday of our country. And with only a limited number of tickets available for the National Day Parade, many of us will unfortunately not be able to watch it live at the Padang. Fortunately,...
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10 Reasons to Visit Philippines During Harvest Festival Season

About Pahiyas Festival   On one day every year, the sleepy countryside town of Lucban springs to life and transforms into one of Philippine’s most colourful places. Every May 15, the country’s grandest harvest festival - the Pahiyas Festival - is celebrated. Along with the similar Agawan Festival  and Araña't...
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10 French Words Most Mispronounced By Singaporeans

Viva la France!   The French language is a notoriously hard language to conquer. There are hundreds of rules governing the grammar, feminine and masculine versions of random words and sentence structures that will make you sound like Yoda when translated into English.  But fear not because this article will...
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12 Reasons To Experience Songkran Once In Your Life

The World’s Largest Water Fight   Every year, Thailand has some kind of festival where people pour water all over each other, but not many understand the magnitude of it and how everyone can be part of the fun! Every year, from 13-15 April, the Songkran festival is celebrated in...
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13 Greatest Festivals in Asia To Party At In Your Lifetime

It’s A Celebration!   I love festivals and everything that they stand for. They’re dynamic celebrations of culture, diversity and life, and it’s fascinating how humans have been able to come up with such creative ways to party! You don’t have to travel all the way to New Orleans for...
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#SeeYouAtFirstLight At ZoukOut On 13th December!


About ZoukOut   Steadily gaining fans and party-goers every year, the turnout at ZoukOut   this year  promises to be exceptional. After all, there is something to celebrate - the success of the #SaveZouk campaign. As regular partygoers know, there was a scare this year when Zouk announced that its...
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