10 Ad-Hoc PT Jobs That Even Singaporeans With 9-6 Routines Can Take Up For A Side Income

earn $220 per project as a mystery shopper
Non desk-bound jobs in Singapore     For those who have decided not to take on the full-time job route because you simply can’t stand sitting in the office for 8 hours straight, you’ll understand the struggle of not having a fixed income. Because your working hours are flexible, all...
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9 Night Shift Jobs In Singapore For Nocturnal People Who Prefer Extra Cash To Sleep

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Night-time jobs in Singapore   Having to go to work during the day may not be the most suitable option for everyone, whether you’re busy with daytime studies or just a night owl who prefers to get things done when others are settling down to rest. With FastJobs, it’s possible...
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10 Full-Time Jobs In Singapore Up To $4,500 A Month You Can Get Without A Degree

Jonsson protein sales consultant
Well-paying jobs without a degree   Image adapted from:  Jonsson Protein  After completing tertiary education, most Singaporean students are faced with two routes: go to a university, or find a job. Choose the latter and you might be constantly bombarded with statements like “ No degree, no future leh ”...
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7 Retail/F&B Jobs To Get At Malls Near You In The Comfort Of Air-Con

fastjobs mall cover
Shopping centre jobs   For many Singaporeans, getting a job is an initiation into adulthood - it signals that we’re somewhat responsible for our financial security. And while getting a job is both exhilarating and a learning experience, finding one that lets you get away from Singapore’s heat can be...
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7 Part-Time/Full Time Jobs For Girls Who Love Make-Up, Beauty, Or Fashion

beauty fashion jobs
Fashion/Beauty- Related Jobs   Scrolling through Zalora or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube during work hours is something we fashion/makeup addicts are all guilty of. Sitting in front of a screen from 9 to 5 within the confines of a cubicle is obviously a nightmare to anyone who cannot just...
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7 Well-Paying Delivery Jobs That Pay As Much As $30/Hr At Your Favorite Online Businesses

Delivery jobs that pay the bills   It’s a tough world out there for people trying to make a buck or two. Whether you’re waiting to enter university, a fresh graduate looking to stall reality a little longer, or someone in between jobs, there’s no need to slog it out...
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8 Tips On Nailing Part-Time Job Interviews In Singapore's Predicted Recession

FashJobs, how to ace part-time job interviews Singapore
Ace that job interview   After a series of unfortunate events in 2016, there looms a fast-approaching economic recession that’s expected to stay for the next couple of years. While we’d like to remain optimistic, it’s also important to prepare ourselves for the worst by retaining good financial security amidst...
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Job Hunting In Singapore Is Now Easier With These 2 New Features

Job searches made easy   More often than not, job search sites and apps bombard you with too much information about every job they have, rather than doing what they're supposed to: connect you to your new job. With FastJobs' latest update to its user interface to include the ‘Discover’...
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10 Jobs You Will Proudly Declare On Social Media

Jobs that are actually fun   For most Singaporean students, the idea of a holiday conjures images of adventuring in a foreign land - at the sad expense of one’s own finances *tears up*. Students systematically block out term breaks by taking up jobs to save up, only to realise...
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10 High Paying Part-Time Jobs That Pay Up To $17/Hour

Time is Money, So Don’t Waste a Second   As a full-fledged member of the 20-something guild, I understand more than ever how fleeting youth can be. In this golden time of our lives, it’s all about experiencing life the most colourful way we know - globetrotting, achieving IG Life...
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