Changi City Point Is Kick-Starting The March Holidays With An Inflatable Water Theme Park

Adventures in Aqualand   It’s the March school holidays - and so begins the annual struggle for parents to entertain their kids for a week! Hint: Look to the East. An inflatable water themed park has popped up at Changi City Point , the first-ever of its kind at the...
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5 Kid-Friendly Attractions Around Bangkok's Shopping Centres For Family Getaways

5 Kid-Friendly Attractions in Bangkok
Attractions near Bangkok's shopping malls   One of my first recollections of travelling as a child is lying stomach down in the middle of a mall in Thailand and bawling my eyes out after hours of shopping. Now, as a young adult, shopping while overseas is a must. For families...
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9 Ways Millennials In Singapore Can Connect With Their Parents Through Technology

New tricks for the 21st century   We live in an age where technology is everywhere. We’re on the verge of the Internet of Things , and there has never been a more exciting time to be alive. But while our generation has been born into it, many of the...
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8 Simple Things Any Millennial Can Do To Bond With Your Parents

Thanking your parents     Parents have the toughest job in the world. They work 24/7, teaching mischievous children life skills from plain table manners to riding a bike, bringing them along for all-expense paid holidays, and preparing every meal to ensure they are well-nourished. This post goes out to...
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