10 Rental Cars In Singapore From $52/Day For Special Occasions, JB Road Trips & Spoil Market Tinder Dates

Toyota Vios
Affordable rental cars for every occasion   With Singapore’s extensive public transport network, saving for a car is something that we’ve all thrown to the back of our minds - after all, we’ve our HDBs to scrimp for. But there are occasions like Raya visiting or taking a road trip...
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Expedia's Crazy GSS Sale Is The Answer To All Your Remaining 2017 Holiday Plans

Expedia GSS 2017
2017 holiday plans: solved   Source Travelling is expensive, but it’s irresistible to go explore the world beyond our little red dot. When it comes to short, under-a-week getaways, Singaporeans love nearby Asian cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bali and Seoul - especially because our wallets can go crazy...
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9 Flight AND Hotel Deals Less Than $399 For Last Minute Family Getaways This June

cheap holiday getaway_expedia
No-frills getaways this June holiday   Source A month-long holiday for the kids means that you are tasked with an additional duty - planning a family getaway. And let's face it: for the first week of June, your computer screen might look a little like this: You’ll be expected to...
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8 ALL-IN Travel Ideas From $174 Based On Ang Pow Money Collected

Put your CNY money to good use   Chinese New Year is a favourite holiday of many, not without reason. It’s a time of endless feasting, mahjong sessions all day err day , and of course, extra income in the form of ang pows. For once, extorting receiving money from...
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11 Japanese Ryokan Stays To Turn Your Vacation Into A Studio Ghibli Adventure

Living your childhood anime dream   Source Say what you want, but I’ve been buying all my stuff from Daiso in hopes of getting my house close enough to resemble Doraemon’s. Unfortunately, it turns out that not everyone enjoys kneeling during dinner time, nor fancies the excessive amount of tatami...
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12 Insane 3D2N Bangkok Flight AND Hotel Deals Under $190

'Cheap Cheap' flight + hotel deals   Source Singaporean’s just can’t refuse a weekend getaway to our second favorite shopping and eating haven of the great South East… Bangkok! So much so it’s become our unofficial home away from home. Even right smack in Pratunam market, you can always take...
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8 Hotels in Taipei Under $450 For 3D2N Including Flight, Hotel & Taxes

Affordable and luxurious   My friend recently returned from Taiwan describing it as "like Singapore, except everything's in Chinese". It's safe, has great food and has an efficient public transport system. From visiting the most picturesque tea houses to releasing sky lanterns at Shi Fen Old Street, Taiwanese dramas have...
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