My Money @ Campus Seminars - Learn How To Budget, Save And Invest With Your First Paycheck

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My Money @ Campus 2018 seminars   Great, you've landed your first ever job - whether full- or part-time - and your bank account isn’t as devastatingly empty as it once was. But before splurging it all away, remember it’s cash that you’ve earned all by yourself - if budgeting...
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13 Unique Local Startups From Singapore That Will Make You Beam With Pride

Singaporean Startups   If you thought Singaporeans are a boring and uncreative bunch - think again. We’ve compiled a list of startups to prove that Singaporeans can, and do, make the plunge into the dangerous and risky trenches of entrepreneurship. If you’re thinking of following in their footsteps, one warning:...
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Dulce and Sucre Opens + F&B Entrepreneurship Lessons With Daniel Ong

About Daniel Ong   Many of us know Daniel Ong from his time as a radio DJ on 987FM. He's been a host and actor for almost 20 years, but gave all of that up to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur. Together with his wife Jaime Teo, the...
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