15 Spoil-Market Preschools In Singapore To Sign Your Child Up For In Advance

Highly-rated pre-schools in Singapore   Image adapted from (clockwise from top left): White Lodge, LeClare, The Caterpillar’s Cove, EtonHouse Organic food,...

7 Things That Happen In Pre-Schools That Parents Need To Know About

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This Australian Uni Lets SG-Based Students Spend 8 Months Abroad And Pay In SGD

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5 Major Ways Singaporean Schools Can Learn From Japan

Learning, The Japanese Way       Source Japan is well known for several things: amazing food and culinary presentation, advanced technology, and excellence in attent...

10 Coolest Jobs That You'll Proudly Put On Your Facebook Profile

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10 Ways Singaporean Kids Will Learn Differently in 2020

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6 Things to Consider When Deciding Your Future Degree

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20 Language Schools In Singapore Because Trilingual Is The New Bilingual

English-Français-Español-日本語   Hello reader! ¡Hola lector! Hallo mein kleiner grüner Kaktus! Learning a new language is like opening a door to a whole new world - you meet new...

10 Reasons Going Back to School as a Working Adult is the Best Thing You Can Do

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5 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Junior College

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5 Reasons M2 Academy is the Newest Singapore School to Keep An Eye On

About M2 Academy   Learning to connect the dots is one of the first things we learn as toddlers. It is funny, then, that we forget how to do just that as we grow up. Educati...

BrainyMoves - The Enrichment Class Parents Have Been Secretly Sending Their Children To

About Brainy Moves   When I was first told about Brainy Moves, I was intrigued. It seemed to be some sort of physical movement class meant to help impr...

Ten Survival Tips for Junior College students in Singapore

A few words about this list As we usher in the New Year, many students are also ushering in a new academic year. Junior College, or more fondly known as JC, is an adventure on its...

My thoughts on the education system

This is a collection of some random thoughts I have about the education system in Singapore. For starters, it is extremely tough for someone like me, a student, to thrive. Very o...

Appreciating Individuality

Why is it that they say everyone’s different, but we are made to go through the same tests, and achieve the same excellent results? It doesn’t add up. It’s like disregarding the un...

Strengths-Based Childhood

I grew up thinking I am never good enough, partly because of my strengths and partly due to how Singapore government likes to measure everything and everyone. I cannot think of a t...

Best value enrichment for your child

Before the arrival of my daughter, I was already reading about how to develop her potential to the fullest. I made my own flashcards and practiced in front of the mirror. I drew&nb...