14 New And Fun Things To Do In April 2018 - Free Cone Day, Music Run, & Instawalk

interesting things to do in April 2018
Things to do in Singapore in April 2018   Image adapted from: avry  2018 sure seems to be zooming past real quick. We’re 4 months in and done celebrating the New Year, CNY, and Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t mean the excitement stops here. From a camp-in cinema to HIIT...
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5 Things To Do At Singapore's First 3-Day Open-Water Event At ECP

Liberty Open Water Race In The Seas
Open-Water swimming race in Singapore   Many of us are no strangers to public swimming pools - remember those childhood days when you blew air into pyjamas to stay afloat? Yet, even if you know your backstroke from your butterfly, there might be one watery frontier you've yet to conquer...
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