10 Road Trip Adventures In Singapore You Can Unlock With A Car

Ulu places to visit with your car   There’s something therapeutic about road trips, whether it’s jamming to top 50 hits with the windows down, or exploring places you wouldn’t spare a second thought to visit since they’re so obscure. And while the idea of cruising along Australian beaches and...
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14 Laojiao Hacks For New Singaporean Drivers Who Just Passed Their TP

singapore driving tips
Hacks for the Singaporean driver   You’ve looked over your shoulders a billion times to check your blindspots, played the balancing game on a slope, turned full-lock left and right an umpteen times - congratulations, you’ve finally done it. You’ve scored enough points to be deemed a safe driver on...
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Intro Friends To Pay ERP Fees Without Cash Cards And Get Up To $75

vcashcard nets
Permanent goodbye to CashCard woes   Source With the climbing COE and ERP prices, you can pretty much raise a child with the amount you’ve blown on your metallic baby - yes, your car. If there’s one thing we know about Singaporeans, it’s that they’ll do just about anything to...
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