10 Latest Happy Hour Promotions In Singapore That Reward OT Warriors For Staying Late

Michael's bar and grill
Late night Happy Hour promotions    Late-night drinks are proven to bond people together - but having this much fun just cannot happen if you’ve to OT last minute, especially when most of the best Happy Hour deals happen earlier in the night.  But not to worry workaholics, there’s hope...
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11 Sugoi Japanese Treats You Never Knew Were Available In Singapore

Japanese treats so good you can’t resist   Whenever I get wind of news that my friends are heading to Japan, I don’t hesitate to shamelessly tompang just to get my hands on all the glorious grub. Think mochi, ramen and matcha green tea - you name it, I want...
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What POKKA Did Differently To Dominate The Tea Drink Market

Behind the scenes at the POKKA factory   Whether you’re at a hawker centre drink store or standing by the 7-11 fridges to kope free aircon, it’s impossible to miss POKKA’s drinks . From teas in every imaginable fruit flavor, good ol’ Kickapoo to the milk coffee branded with the...
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McDonald's Is Rewarding Your Squad With A Massive Drinks And Dessert Giveaway

McDonald's Mudpie McFlurry
Get your Chill on at McDonald’s   Life is constantly bustling - especially with Singaporeans working the longest hours in the world - and it’s not always easy finding space to breathe amid hectic schedules. Sometimes you just wanna stop everything and chill the heck out - even if just...
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12 Starbucks Secret Menu Items To Order In Singapore REVEALED

Grape Yakult Starbucks
Starbucks Secret Menu   Coffee snobs around me always say: “You don't go to Starbucks for good coffee, you go there for diabetes.” Yes, indie coffee shops may be overtaking the Singaporean caffeine scene with their cold brews and Chemex pour overs, but is it unrefined of us to unapologetically...
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6 Oktoberfest Booze Promos At Suntec City - Beers For Only $5 When It Rains!

It's Oktober-feast at Suntec City   Imagine the entire population of Singapore turning up for a beer party the size of 4 standard football fields over a period of just 2 weeks. That's Germany's Oktoberfest for you - an annual festival of epic proportions. But you won't have to flock...
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Manhattan Bar's New Menu Brings The Lower East Side Of New York To Singapore

About Manhattan Bar   Picture courtesy of the Regent Hotel. Manhattan Bar is a glamorous cocktail establishment nestled within the premises of Regent Singapore. Priding itself on using only the finest artisanal spirits and craft bartending, its unfettered opulence draws the upscale crowd by the droves.  When its massive doors...
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