There Is A Game App For NDP’18 That Works Like Pokemon Go With Prizes To Be Won

win tickets to ndp
NDP Jalan! App and Prizes Image adapted from: thesmartlocal,  @esmondoforce  NDP’18 is coming up real soon. If you’re even remotely patriotic or just want bragging rights, chances are you entered the yearly ballot in hopes of getting tickets for the show - but you’ve come up empty. Don’t worry, you...
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10 Money Saving Tips To Spend Less In Singapore And Save Up For Your HDB ASAP

Singaporean money-saving tips   Money is an essential part of our lives - and saving money should always be on everyone’s minds. For most young Singaporeans, there seems to be so much we need to save for - our HDB, our wedding, our future.  As we plan our entire lives...
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