9 Limited Edition Tea-Infused Cakes From Popular Bakeries You Never Knew Were Singaporean Brands

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Tea-Infused cakes made by Singaporean bakeries   If you’ve ever faced the problem of buying a non-boring birthday cake for your friends or family - aka not another chocolate cake - it’s time for you to rejoice. As part of It's Cake Time: Brew & Bake , you can look...
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10 Sweet Treats You Can Make Under 60 Seconds Like A MasterChef

We hear your midnight craving SOS   I’m a big believer in listening to my cravings. When I want it, I want it NOW. We all know the pain of waiting for food, but dread no more ‘cause here are 10 recipes to curb your midnight cravings faster than you...
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14 Bangkok Desserts That Will Put To Shame Everything You Have Seen Before

Thai desserts way too pretty to eat   “French” Croissants were actually invented in Vienna. Marshmallows were intended as a medicinal confection. And Coke used to be an alcohol. There are many secrets in the world of food, but one of the greatest food secrets is kept in Bangkok. Many...
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The Ice Cream Man - A 2-In-1 Bar + Gelato Restaurant Hits Singapore

The Only Bar In Singapore With A Cocktail Gelato Fix    Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new bad boy in town - The Ice Cream Man (TICM Gelato Cocktail Bar + Dining). No, this is not your regular neighbourhood uncle peddling his ice cream sandwiches by the roadside, nor is...
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11 Thai Milk Tea Desserts In Singapore That You Thai Thai Must Try

Thai Thai Must Try   Source Mm, Thai milk tea. Sweet, creamy and refreshing, this drink has taken Singapore by storm. It seems like you can’t go anywhere without tripping over a store peddling this delightful drink. So other than slurping it out from a cup, how else can we...
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