My Journey Inside The Inner Circle - The New Exclusive Dating App to Hit Singapore

the inner circle review
The Inner Circle   I never had much luck with dating apps, and my first dates were usually tragic.  Until one night, as I wailed to my friend Rachel about how I’d never find a good man, she suggested, “Try The Inner Circle .” “It’s new in Singapore. The staff...
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The Amazing Quest Cruise Is Tinder On A Ship With Only Single People Onboard

The Amazing Quest Cruise is basically Tinder on a ship. Meet new singles!
Join two hundred singles on the quest for love   Source Imagine the classic Hollywood love story: you and bae frolicking on the deck of a ship, the salty ocean wind billowing around the both of you locked in an embrace. Now snap back to reality. You’ve finally made a...
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13 Singles Events in May 2016 For Singaporeans Who Are So Done With Tinder

Going solo is so last season   It’s already five months into 2016, and guess what? You’re still single.  Sure, being a lone wolf has its perks - there’s no struggle to remember if today is the 11th or 12th day-sary. But I’m sure there are days when you wish...
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11 BRAND NEW Date Ideas To Try In Singapore in 2016

Seventh Heaven   Relationship Goals aren’t all about red wine and roses. Once you’ve checked off everything from dressy dinners to lepak movie nights and even the monthly-versary picnic under the stars, deciding what to do on your next date night might be the most uninspiring thing ever. Funzing to...
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Simple Tips For Getting Ready For A Big Date Within 30 Minutes! - PrettySmart: Ep 51

From casual to classy in less than 30 minutes!   I know I'm not the only one who has found myself hit the snooze button one time too many, waking up to realise I only have half an hour to get ready for a big date. Or even worse -...
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