9 Paktor Places Of The 2000s You Visited With Your Stead Before They Became Extinct

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Date spots in Singapore that no longer exist   Image credit: Rachel Yohannan Impressing your date in the year 2018 is tough. Not only do you have 1,001 options, you've also got a wafer-thin line between thoughtful and tacky. Thankfully for us "old" ones in our mid to late 20s,...
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13 Types Of Singaporean Girls You Will Inevitably Wind Up Dating

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What’s your type of Singaporean Girl?   Tinder, OKCupid to Paktor. No matter which app you’ll use to get the girl, you'll finally have to date the girl. And that’s when you really get to know the girl behind the profile photo.   We've narrowed down 13 girls you'll wind...
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13 Singles Events in May 2016 For Singaporeans Who Are So Done With Tinder

Going solo is so last season   It’s already five months into 2016, and guess what? You’re still single.  Sure, being a lone wolf has its perks - there’s no struggle to remember if today is the 11th or 12th day-sary. But I’m sure there are days when you wish...
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11 BRAND NEW Date Ideas To Try In Singapore in 2016

Seventh Heaven   Relationship Goals aren’t all about red wine and roses. Once you’ve checked off everything from dressy dinners to lepak movie nights and even the monthly-versary picnic under the stars, deciding what to do on your next date night might be the most uninspiring thing ever. Funzing to...
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Simple Tips For Getting Ready For A Big Date Within 30 Minutes! - PrettySmart: Ep 51

From casual to classy in less than 30 minutes!   I know I'm not the only one who has found myself hit the snooze button one time too many, waking up to realise I only have half an hour to get ready for a big date. Or even worse -...
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Things You Should NEVER Say On A First Date - TSL Comedy Episode 11

First Date Deal-Breakers   I speak from experience - first dates are really scary. How would you even begin to know what to say to the person you're on a date with? And don't get me started on the intimacy of the date. To me, it takes just one wrong...
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10 Difficult But Essential Things To Do For A Happy, Healthy Relationship

The To-Do List   Source Being in a relationship isn’t all glitter and prancing unicorns. My boyfriend is the best person I know but there are times when we are not on the same page and we have to accept that. The good times are great - we go on...
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10 Singaporean Girl Stereotypes That Are Just. Dead. Wrong.

Singaporean Girl  Stereotypes   There are so many negative stereotypes surrounding Singaporean girls. I can't even count the number of times people have come to me complaining about my fellow country-women, demanding an explanation from me as to why they just can't seem to be satisfied. But is that really...
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7 Essential Tips To Keep Your Love Life Alive During National Service

Relationships in NS   National Service can be a harrowing time for those in relationships. The long hard days outfield for the guys, or the sight of loving couples snuggling in public for the ladies may stir up some uncomfortable feelings. But cheer up, because here are some couples who...
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15 Popular Singapore Dating Places From The Past And Their Modern Day Equivalents

Hip Dating Spots Back in the Day   Before Resorts World Sentosa, before world-class shopping at Orchard Road, and before Marina Barrage, where did our parents and grandparents go to paktor ? It may be difficult for us millennials to conjure an image of a fun date without glitz, grandeur...
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