We Tried Desert Roses’ Belly Dancing Class To Make Burning Calories And Muscle Toning Fun

Belly dancing in Singapore   We're already one full month into 2018. If you haven't been making good on your fitness resolutions for the New Year, here's an easy trick for you to get over your sloth-like tendencies: rope in a friend or two and throw yourselves into an activity...
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7 Super Fun Classes At PoMo You've Never Noticed OTW To LAN Or Tauhuay

PoMo Yoga Classes
Quirky classes at PoMo   A wise man once said happiness comes from “buying experiences, not things”. He couldn’t have said it better - and if you believe firmly in that mantra, PoMo will be your answer. And if you thought LAN gaming, be prepared to be proven wrong. The...
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