10 Arcades In Singapore With Your Fave Games Like Daytona & Space Invaders From $0.16 Per Play

Arcades in Singapore - Zone X
Arcades in Singapore   Image credit: Zone X Singapore Fun fact: Arcades were once banned in Singapore. Some felt the games were a bad influence, some said the time spent there was useless, but one thing’s for sure: we’re so glad those days are over.  While the nature of the...
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10 Group Activities That Are Open During CNY For A Break From Visiting With Your Kakis

Cover image zero latency suntec
Group activities to do this CNY    So Chinese New Year is just round the corner and you don’t feel like dealing with kaypoh relatives. Or maybe visiting isn’t on your to-do list. But don’t waste the long weekend - instead spend that precious time belting out K-pop hits or...
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