Unique Japanese Snacks That Have Arrived In Local Convenience Stores Without Us Knowing

Japanese snacks in Singapore
Trending Japanese snacks in Singapore   There’s something about Japanese candy that rouses most Singaporeans. Whether it’s the cute packaging or unique-but-delicious flavours, you can bet there’ll be a stream of people waiting to pounce whenever someone brings home said candy from a trip in glorious Nippon. For those who...
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We Tried All Of 7-Eleven's Ready-To-Eat Items And Ranked The Top 10

The 10 best ready-to-eat 7-Eleven items   Ask any Singaporean about 7-Eleven and I’m sure they’ll regale you with stories of how its food has gotten them through times of crisis; from satisfying a late-night hunger pang to being the source of sustenance when they were a broke uni kid. ...
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