10 Late-Night Supper Outlets In Clarke Quay With Some Open Till 5AM

Your go-to after-hour spots in Clarke Quay for a good time   Mention a night out at Clarke Quay, and the word “ curfew ” instantly vanishes from anyone’s vocabulary. While other food and beverage establishments roll their shutters and call it a day, the party people over in central...
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10 Hidden Bars in Singapore So Secret You Won't Believe They Exist

Secret hideouts in town   Singapore’s nightlife scene has gotten almost too saturated with the plethora of clubs, bars and pubs. It’s always down to the same few bars at the usual venues so much so that things are starting to get somewhat mundane. Sure, a good night out with...
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Farewell Zouk - 31 memories every true Zouk clubber will remember forever

Remembering Zouk   In light of the recent announcements regarding Zouk's closure , we couldn't help but reminisce about the good times we had at Singapore's oldest club . Here are memories at the 23 year old Zouk that many of us will remember forever.   1. Turning up at...
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10 EPIC Bars You Won't Believe Exist In Singapore - Never Have A Boring Night Again

The Most Unbelievable Bars in Singapore   If you think Singapore's night life doesn't get any better than Zouk, think again. From inconspicuous locations with secret passwords to dim sum serving bars, we've compiled a list of the 10 most epic bars in Singapore in terms of uniqueness. If you're...
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11 Types of Girls you'll meet in Singapore Clubs

T he girls in Singapore clubs are a mysterious bunch, you never know what their intentions are on their night out. But worry no more guys! Here's your go-to-guide to identify all the different types of girls you may run into the next time you're at a Singapore club. The...
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10 Unbelievable Singapore Bars with Drinks under 10 bucks

The cheapest booze in Singapore It's that T.G.I.F time of the week again. You stand outside your office door, ready to unwind from a very long, very Singaporean work week. You have bills to pay, a family to feed and a hungry open mouth that wants to consume as much...
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The 10 Types of Guys you'll meet in Singapore Clubs

The 10 Types of Guys you'll meet in Singapore Clubs   If I have clubbed with you at some point in my life, you're probably here. If we are still in contact, please know that I love you very much 1314 foreva please love me back. If not, then you'll...
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30 Bars, Clubs And Nightlife Spots In Singapore To Visit Before You Die

Never have a boring night again   Nursing that   killer hangover while trying to match blurry phone pictures with names of new friends? – trust me when I say I've been there.  My work as a freelance nightlife photographer has taken me to most bars and clubs all over Singapore...
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3 Best Nightclubs in Singapore
This article will be your bible to the top 3 nightclubs in Singapore. Add them to your bucket list! There is a nightlife in Singapore. There is a nightlife in Singapore. There is a nightlife in Singapore. I heard naysayers going on about how Singapore has no nightlife and we're...
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