17 Creative Phone Cases To Troll Your Friends With Because Secret Santa

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These Unique Phone Cases Will Have You Surprised   Adapted from  Source You and your friends are the type of people that like to ruin each other’s lives, thriving from that sweet sweet schadenfreude. You’ll never forget that time when they changed your grandma and your girlfriend’s names around on...
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5 Christmas Meal Lobangs In Singapore To Not Eat Grass In January 2017

Christmas Meal Deals     The last time I checked, I was struggling to keep up with my CNY fitness goals. But in a blink of an eye, Orchard Road’s decked with dazzling Christmas lights, restaurants are rolling out their Christmas roast menus, Christmas carols are everywhere... and my wallet...
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9 Christmas Plans At Sentosa That Beat "Dinner Somewhere In Town"

The Sentosa Christmas Experience    The trickiest thing in this season of giving, is getting your finicky family and friends thoughtful and appropriate Christmas presents. You’re out of gift ideas and just the thought of having to outdo this year’s gift with a better one next Christmas, has got you...
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11 Discounted But Thoughtful Gifts For Your Secret Santee This Christmas

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Secret Santa on a budget   The holidays have arrived and you’re armed with a rolling list of Secret Santees to fulfil present-buying duties for. But buying that special Xmas gift for your Secret Santa isn’t always easy, let alone cheap. But fret not, for we have sussed out 11...
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7 Cheapest Christmas Getaways From Singapore You Can Still Make It In Time For

Yogyakarta volcano
Cheapest Christmas getaways from Singapore   The month of December has got to be the most anticipated one. Besides Christmas, clearing leave, and a whole selection of sales and events to go to, it’s also the time to treat yourself and your loved ones to a quick getaway away from...
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10 Original Christmas Gift Voucher Ideas Because Your Brain Fails At Gifting

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Gift vouchers for Christmas   Adapted from  Source The fairy lights are up, the decorations are hung, but there is still an empty space beneath that Christmas tree. Ah yes, your weeks of procrastination have resulted in this moment of pure anxiety. Current You silently curses Past You. Don’t panic,...
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6 Fun Christmas Events Happening Only Around Sentosa This Year

Sentosa Christmas Merlion
Singapore’s South Pole gets festive    Source Braced with impressive plans to chase the Northern Lights or go skiing in Hokkaido, many Singaporeans are scrambling to get out of town this Christmas. But you’ll be glad you decided to stay, because spending the holidays at home - the sunny isles...
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7 Exquisite Christmas Presents To Buy Your Special Friends Based on MBTI Personalities

Gifts for people who mean the world    The season of giving is here and out of all the love you’re spreading, you always give the most thought to gifts for those closest to your heart. But even if you know the recipient super well, gift hunting becomes a headache...
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11 Non-Edible Christmas Gifts Under $20 To Buy Your Foodie Friends

Recipe plates, the farm store
‘Tis the season to be hungry for gifts   Source It’s no surprise that we Singaporeans love - and live - to eat. However, there’s always that one friend that takes their love of food to a whole new level. You know who I’m talking about - it’s only noon...
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American Eagle Outfitters Has Given Iconic Essentials An Update This Christmas

American Eagle Outfitters' (AEO) latest collection Christmas 2016
Trendy Essentials from American Eagle Outfitters   While Hypebeast (and Yeezys) are all the rage these days, the more practical of us look to more affordable, functional fashion. For those of us who prefer comfy, trendy essentials to tide us through our long days, American Eagle Outfitters' (AEO) latest collection...
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