10 Original Christmas Gift Voucher Ideas Because Your Brain Fails At Gifting

gift voucher COVER
Gift vouchers for Christmas   Adapted from  Source The fairy lights are up, the decorations are hung, but there is still an empty space beneath that Christmas tree. Ah yes, your weeks of procrastination have resulted in this moment of pure anxiety. Current You silently curses Past You. Don’t panic,...
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Here's Why You Should Have Your Christmas Get-Togethers At Clarke Quay This Year

Free Silent Disco at Clarke Quay
Celebrating Christmas at Clarke Quay   As a kid, Christmas parties used to mean nativity plays and waiting for presents from Santa - or someone pretending to be him. Those were the good ol’ days, but as big boys and girls now we party differently - and there’s no better...
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11 Non-Edible Christmas Gifts Under $20 To Buy Your Foodie Friends

Recipe plates, the farm store
‘Tis the season to be hungry for gifts   Source It’s no surprise that we Singaporeans love - and live - to eat. However, there’s always that one friend that takes their love of food to a whole new level. You know who I’m talking about - it’s only noon...
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PARKROYAL On Beach Road's Christmas Feast Has Turkeys Even Ah Ma Will Like

The feasting season has begun   Christmas is the holiday of the year, and that holiday isn’t complete till you’ve had your fill of log cakes, turkey and presents. While it’s fun to keep to tradition, there’s no stopping us from taking things up a notch, especially when it comes...
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Fun Things to Do in December 2016 - Pikachu Parades, Giant Bouncy Castle, Christmas Flower Dome

Make it a December to remember   As the year draws to a close, so too starts the customary period of reflection. For us, it’s a sigh of relief as we finally bid farewell from the stresses of 2016, and a time-out for our workaholic selves. Christmas is coming, and...
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SAFRA Punggol Has A Bouncy Castle And Skating Rink This Christmas

safra punggol bouncy castle
Usher in Christmas with SAFRA Punggol    Source The question that gets tossed around most as Christmas approaches is “any plans for the December holidays?” Some of you are headed to see the snow capped mountains of Mount Fuji or ski down the slopes of the Swiss Alps, but with...
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8 Meaningful Events In Singapore To Give Back With Friends This Christmas

Youth Corps Singapore
Ways to give back in the spirit of Christmas   Source “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill Source Christmas is the season of giving. It’s the time of year when we start to look back on...
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12 Simple Christmas Potluck Recipes With Ingredients You Can Buy At Any Supermarket

One for every day of Christmas   Source ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and to eat and be merry and have loads of Christmas parties. The chances are, you’ve probably been invited to several by now, and some of them might involve this dreaded seven-letter word. Potluck. I’m always...
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Find Out How Well We Really Know Christmas Carols When The Music Stops! Singaporeans Try: Episode 30

Don't Forget The Lyrics - Christmas Edition!   It's that time of the year again, where Christmas carols are played everywhere you go. Whether you sing along to them or find them extremely annoying after hearing "Jingle Bells" for the 38,172nd time, it's just something you can't avoid. Especially when...
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10 Signs Your BFF Friendship Will Last Forever

Your sister from another mister   As we grow older, we come to realise that it’s not about having the most number of friends, but about having the few friends you know are here to stay - most importantly, the BFF who’s the cookie to your milk and the mac...
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