8 Deals You Need To Know To Survive AND Thrive Till Next Month's Paycheck

Kimage Hairdressing School
Singapore’s Best Deals Revealed      You’ve probably heard the good news by now - the government’s giving out a $200 GST U-Save voucher to eligible Singaporeans as part of Budget 2017! And none of us can say no to free credit in the mail. Ker-ching ! Now that you’ve...
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Chick-N-Ken Brings Korean Finger Lickin' Chicken To the CBD

About Chick-N-Ken   Korean fried chicken joints are a dime a dozen these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some fried chicken no matter where it’s from. Besides, I don’t think this trend is too overdone just yet.  Chick-N-Ken is the latest to ride the K-wave.  It’s run...
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22 Best Meals In Orchard Road Under 10 SGD

Cheap Food In Orchard Road    Noble quests have always faced skepticism.  Prior to my hunt for meals below $10 in Orchard Road, I surveyed my friends. Some looked at me as if I had just suggested we pool our savings to buy a unicorn. “ Siao ah, this is...
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18 Best Singapore Restaurants with NO GST & NO Service Charge

The Best Non-GST Restaurants in Singapore   You know that tiny script at the end of the menu that sneakily declares "Prices subject to GST and service tax." I don't know about you, but when I'm blinded by hunger I tend to miss it. And then when my bill arrives...
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15 Delightful Singapore Cafes with No GST & No Service Charge


15 Singapore Cafes with NETT prices   We've all experienced it before. You happily go to a cafe and order your eggs benedict and artisan coffee. But when the bill comes, along with it comes a whole bunch of extra charges and you end up paying way more than expected....
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Little Hiro - A new Hawaiian-Japanese restaurant that also serves Ramen Burgers

About Little Hiro   Crowd favourite "Burger Shack" recently underwent a big makeover, introducing a new menu and interior design along with a new name - Little Hiro. They are now a Japanese-Hawaiian BBQ and Grill joint that offers burgers, pastas and grilled items all with a tropical feel mixed...
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18 Most Delicious Restaurants under 15 dollars in Singapore


The 18 most affordable Restaurants in Singapore   Views full images and map of " 18 Most Delicious Restaurants under 15 dollars " how it was originally displayed on Being a Singaporean means whenever we socialise, it's somehow always going to be accompanied by us putting food in our...
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