7 Affordable Non-Hotel Seafood Buffets In Singapore From Just $18.80/Pax

seafood bbq buffet with no time limit
Cheap seafood buffets in Singapore below $50   Image adapted from: Eatbook Buffets aren’t just about eating our favourite food, it’s also about getting our money’s worth - and so many of us swarm to the seafood section the moment we grab our plates. Given how pricey fresh seafood can...
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8 Deals You Need To Know To Survive AND Thrive Till Next Month's Paycheck

Kimage Hairdressing School
Singapore’s Best Deals Revealed      You’ve probably heard the good news by now - the government’s giving out a $200 GST U-Save voucher to eligible Singaporeans as part of Budget 2017! And none of us can say no to free credit in the mail. Ker-ching ! Now that you’ve...
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14 Budget Buffets Under $20 In Singapore Worth Every Cent

Spamming buffets while staying cheap   As Singaporeans, it's almost our national duty to stretch our dollar as much as possible. Which is also probably why buffets are immensely popular here. After all, we get to eat unlimited amounts of food for one flat fee. What could possibly be more...
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