8 Heartland Bars In Singapore With Affordable Beer Towers From As Low As $36

Cheap heartland beer towers (1) - 3L tower for $44!
Cheap beer in the heartlands under $60     Image adapted from: 283 Cafe We all need to unwind and have a beer with our kakis once in a while, though meeting in town is not always ideal when everyone’s busy. The next best thing to do is to meet...
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10 Cheapest Beer Towers In Singapore From $35 That Aren't Kopitiam Beer Brands

Cheap beer towers Singapore
Best beer tower deals in Singapore     Image adapted from: @rany1515 One of the best ways to unwind after a long week is to kick back with a refreshing cold brew in hand, surrounded by your best buddies. It’s usually more economical to get a beer tower when in...
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