6 Seemingly Unreachable Luxuries That Are Now Attainable For All Singaporeans

cheap yacht party
Atas, but not out of reach   Adapted from Source “You think what, money grows on trees ah?” This is something many of us have heard while growing up, and have come to (painfully) realise how true it really is. While things like yacht parties and travelling to exotic destinations...
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8 Deals You Need To Know To Survive AND Thrive Till Next Month's Paycheck

Kimage Hairdressing School
Singapore’s Best Deals Revealed      You’ve probably heard the good news by now - the government’s giving out a $200 GST U-Save voucher to eligible Singaporeans as part of Budget 2017! And none of us can say no to free credit in the mail. Ker-ching ! Now that you’ve...
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ZUJI Is Slashing 99% Off Airfares To THIS Secret Destination For 100 Kiasu Singaporeans

ZUJI’s Crazy 99% Off A Secret Destination   Source, Source There’s a saying I believe to be true: “If travelling was free, you’d never see me again” . Unfortunately, costly airfares hold most people back from seeing the world as often as they’d like. Well, there’s no such thing as...
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