9 Cheap Steamboats At Hawker Centres From $5.90 For Your Big Squad Dinners

cover image coconut steamboat
Cheap steamboat stalls in Singapore’s hawker centres   While most people believe high-quality meals and restaurants go hand in hand, a solid steamboat meal doesn't always have to set you back >$40 per person.  We've compiled a list of super affordable hawker-centre steamboats with food so good, it'll put some...
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10 Cheap IT Gadget Deals Online That Are More Legit Than Sim Lim Square's

Up to 71% off IT Gadgets   IT fairs are a huge deal for us Singaporeans. We spend hours, and even days exploring convention halls in search of the best deals for the latest in tech, but we shouldn’t always have to wait months to clinch our next toy at...
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Mijyi - Newly Opened $2 Japanese Superstore In City Square Mall

Mijyi - $2 snacks and quirky items galore   It’s difficult to find a shop that can one-up the $2 wonderland of snacks and quirky items that is Daiso. But we found a strong contender - and it comes in the form of a store that sells tidbits and lifestyle...
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7 Cheapest Christmas Getaways From Singapore You Can Still Make It In Time For

Yogyakarta volcano
Cheapest Christmas getaways from Singapore   The month of December has got to be the most anticipated one. Besides Christmas, clearing leave, and a whole selection of sales and events to go to, it’s also the time to treat yourself and your loved ones to a quick getaway away from...
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9 Spoil Market Bites You Can Get in Suntec City for Just $2

Cheap eats that are two good to be true   Home to almost every kind of cuisine on the cultural spectrum, my culinary cravings have never failed to be satisfied by Suntec City’s massive assortment of dining options. Whether you're a school student thriving on a tight pocket-money budget or...
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10 Inexpensive Things to Do at Marina Bay That Will Surprise You

Forget about the price tag   With MBS, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, and not to mention the incredibly atas looking LV store; the Marina Bay district feels like THE pinnacle of luxury and affluence in Singapore. However, under all the glitz and glamour, there are so many things...
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