11 Places In Singapore To Donate Clothes, Homeware & Food After CNY Spring Cleaning

places to donate singapore
Places to donate used items   Image adapted from: CDC Singapore Out with the old and in with the new, they say. But for those of us with a habit of hoarding stuff, spring cleaning is that super sian time of the year when we have to say goodbye to...
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This Is What Happens When You Drink Premium S$1,260 Water

Lien AID Water is Luxury
Luxury water that’ll make you go OMG   Source We’ve heard of musk melons and muscat grapes going for thousands of dollars at Japanese speciality supermarkets and some of you don’t mind forking out that amount of money for a taste of premium produce. But would you part with your...
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11 Places to Shop That Will Give Back to Society Without You Lifting a Finger

In the true spirit of giving   Source Gift-shopping can be a traumatic experience. We’ve all been there - procrastinating to the very last minute, or accidentally letting an important occasion slip your mind until the very day itself. Hold your horses, don’t reach for that soft toy, gift voucher,...
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FFFA Kitchen Gave 65,000 Free Meals To Singapore's Needy - They Now Need Your Help

All it takes to make a difference is $2   How would you spend $2? For many, $2 is barely enough to afford us a cup of Gong Cha or a bus ride home. But for the less fortunate, that small amount could mean the difference between a steaming hot...
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Foreign Workers Get Sent More Chicken Rice Packets Thanks to Facebook Comments

In The Spirit of Giving   It’s not everyday that you’re offered free food while you’re just walking along the street, but for some foreign workers, last weekend was one such day. Earlier this month, Select and Stamford Catering visited a workers’ dormitory in Kranji to give away 500 packets...
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Company Gives 500 Packets of Chicken Rice to Foreign Workers. You'll Never Guess Who Delivered Them.

For the unsung   Foreign workers have dreams, interests and loved ones to provide for back home. But few of us take the time and effort to truly understand what they’re going through. Many of us view foreign workers as outsiders, and are quick to judge them for their shortcomings....
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Old Is Gold: Pet Walk and Adoption Drive for Senior Pets on 17 May 2015

No dog is too old   The sad truth is that everyone wants a puppy, but hardly anyone wants an old dog. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right? In reality, older animals are mellower, making for affectionate and lovable companions. Old Is Gold wants to change your...
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10 Reasons to Bare Your Sole at Palawan Beach On 30 May 2015

Bare Your Sole 2015   Singapore’s first of its kind barefoot walkathon, Bare Your Sole, returns for its 7th year on 30 May 2015. The event aims to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity Singapore for their community outreach programme, Project HomeWorks. Project HomeWorks provides helping hands to the disabled...
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19 Touching Singaporean Initiatives That Are Chicken Soup For The Soul

Singaporean Movements   Source It is heartwarming to see so many organic movements spreading positivity these days - it shows that contrary to the prevailing school of thought, Singaporeans are neither apathetic or emotionless. We do care! Whether to help the poor or to raise awareness about a cause -...
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10 Places To Dare To Go Bare In Singapore - Challenge Yourself For A Worthy Cause

Dare To Go Bare   The Dare to Go Bare Challenge isn’t a full on nude challenge. No. It’s a much more worthy cause then that. It’s a challenge where you literally step out of your comfort zone. Here, we dare you to go bare… feet. If you’ve always wanted to...
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