12 Intern-Friendly Meals Under $5 In Singapore's CBD That Aren't Found In Hawker Centres

CBD Lunches for cheap   From fancy cafes to no-frills hawker centres, there are thousands of food joints in the CBD. And even if you were to have something different every day of your working life, the inexhaustible list of places is bound to last you till retirement!  Food options...
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6 Oktoberfest Booze Promos At Suntec City - Beers For Only $5 When It Rains!

It's Oktober-feast at Suntec City   Imagine the entire population of Singapore turning up for a beer party the size of 4 standard football fields over a period of just 2 weeks. That's Germany's Oktoberfest for you - an annual festival of epic proportions. But you won't have to flock...
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Here's Why the Singapore Food Festival 2016 is The Pop-Up Event Of The Year

Singapore Food Festival 2016 is here   Source There’s something about pop-up events that makes them so fun. Perhaps it’s the transient ‘here today, gone tomorrow' nature of the event, or the expectation that it sets up of a special experience that is specially curated, brimming with imagination, and featuring...
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UsQuBa Review: New Scottish Restaurant Opens at One Fullerton

Scottish restaurant in the CBD   Raised on Singapore’s unique definition of “Western” fare: Pastamania’s carbonaras, Marche’s rostis, to kopitiam chicken cutlets with their coleslaw and baked beans calefares, Scottish food is novel Western nosh I've yet to come across. And I was all geared up to try the Scottish...
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12 Breakfast Foods That Deliver So You Won't Have To Wake Up Early To Make Breakfast

Don't sacrifice sleep!   Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No, that was not a typo. I repeated that sentence because that’s what my mum used to do. Because...
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20 Healthy Food Delivery Options In The CBD To End Your Queuing Forever

Healthy Food in The CBD   Many of us make new year’s resolutions with the goal of losing weight or eating healthy. Although I can’t bear to part with my truffle fries and korean fried chicken, we all try to keep to our resolutions. However, if you’re working in the...
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