13 Obscure Cafes In Singapore's Heartlands Only Residents Of The Area Know About

Obscure Cafes - SOD milk tea cover
Obscure neighbourhood cafes in Singapore   Dining in cafes has become a way of life for Singaporeans - so much so that the more popular ones are becoming really packed and queuing for seats has become the norm. The next time you want to just chill and enjoy a cuppa,...
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Singapore Coffee Festival 2017 - 9 Things You Can Do With An $18 Ticket At This Seaside Event

Singapore Coffee Festival 2017 - Cover
Singapore Coffee Festival 2017     Adapted from: @thisisinch , @weareindigoism , @nellielim , @joshuasimonxl , @thecoffeeacademicssg , @pureyogaofficial , @jeffqu , @dappercoffee From keeping me focused during last-minute cram sessions to keeping me spry for social events, I owe a huge part of my functional existence to coffee. Unfortunately,...
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5 Kinfolk Magazine-Worthy Cafes In Singapore For The Perfect Minimalist Photoshoot

minimalist cafe singapore_kinfolk
Cafes for the Singaporean minimalist   The bustle of the Singaporean lifestyle is enough to strangle our minds as we constantly look to appreciate our lives without unnecessary clutter. Beyond the glitzy cafes we frequent along Haji Lane and all around Tiong Bahru are a few under-the-radar gems that gracefully...
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10 Quirky Dining Concepts For When Eating Out In Singapore Gets Predictable

Unique dining experiences in Singapore   With all the planning amidst a busy schedule that goes into a get-together with friends, the effort’s truly considered worth it if you’ve ticked off these three criteria: 1) it's a treat for your taste buds, 2) it's a feast for your eyes and...
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10 Themed Cafes In Kuala Lumpur To Take Your M'sia Foodventures Up A Notch

kuala lumpur themed cafes
Insta-worthy cafes in KL     Source “What to eat?” is a question that plagues most of us 24/7. Singapore has no shortage of cafes, but there are only so many weekends you can cafe-hop in a row before you find yourself in a “been there, done that” situation. Tired...
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6 Sweet Burgers To Try In Singapore When Savoury Ones Get Too Mainstream

Donut Burger, Oh My Tian
Sweet Burgers Yummier Than Their Savoury Counterparts   Judging by the number of burger chains and listicles about the best burgers in Singapore , it’s clear that burgers are a favourite of many here. But this foodie paradise holds many burger secrets, the best-kept of which are only discoverable by...
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New Cafes and Restaurants In Feb 2017: Takeaway Ramen in MBS, Yu Sheng Rice Bowl

STRAY by Fatcat, yusheng rice bowl
Feast non-stop February     Adapted from source: @theforbiddenrebel Our official CNY long weekend has just passed, but CNY isn’t technically over yet, and this gives us more reason to treat ourselves and our loved ones to good food. And just because February is the shortest month of the year,...
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New Cafes and Restaurants In Jan 2017 - DOTS Cafe, Japan Rail Cafe & Yellow Cab Pizza

new restaurants jan 17 COVER
New Year, New Food   2017 is fast approaching, and it’s that time again to make resolutions we know we’re not gonna keep. Let’s leave lying to ourselves about diet plans and non-committal relationships with the gym in the past. Start the year right with the one thing that’ll never...
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10 Vegan-Friendly Eateries In Singapore That Confirm Vegan Food =/= Rabbit Food

vegan restaurant COVER
A Guide to Singapore's Best Vegan Eateries   Adapted from source:  @svphiagoh When Lady Gaga donned the meat dress, the world kicked up a fuss. And we don’t blame them. After all, using meat as clothes is a gross waste of our planet’s resources, and a downright insult to the...
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10 Prettiest Halal Cafes In Singapore That Make You The Squad's MVP

halal cafes COVER
Cantik visuals for your Insta feed   Have you ever invited your Muslim friend to go drinking, only to realise a second later that it’s haram ? Or innocently jio-in g them for some good bacon and eggs breakfast, and feeling that certain dread only a split second later. Well,...
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