8 Christmas Hotel Buffets In Singapore You Can Get Under $50 With No Sneaky Terms & Conditions

christmas buffet 2017
Cheap Christmas buffets 2017   Image credit:  Saltwater Cafe Christmas is just around the corner, and the festive feasting has already begun. Restaurants around our little island nation have prepared their special holiday treats. If you can’t decide which one to try, buffets are the perfect way to have a...
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10 Niche Buffets In Singapore That Will Satisfy Your Craving For The Next 10 Years

Food for the unusually hungry   Source:  @ruthkeeee Living in the foodie capital of Asia, most of us would’ve had a punt at the classic buffet experience. After all, the prospect of stuffing our faces on a fixed budget would entice any Singaporean. But wait till you get a load...
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10 Best Unusual Steamboats Under $20 In Singapore

Changing the Reunion Dinner game, one steamboat at a time   (A) Chicken Stock (B) Tom Yum (C) Spicy 麻辣 (‘ma la’ soup) These are the Bulbasaurs, Charmanders, and Squirtles of ‘battleship’ (as the late Mr Lee termed it) choices, the original starter trio every time CNY rolls around.  But...
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10 Indulgent Buffets In The Klang Valley That Are Actually Worth It

  Eat to your heart’s content   Source Food is probably THE most important thing to us Malaysians. Be it a chow down at the local mamak, a plate heaped with nasi kandar (more curry please!), fries at perennial favorite McDonald’s, or a full eight-course meal at a Chinese restaurant....
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Tiffin Room Review: A Northern Indian Christmas Dinner At The Raffles Hotel Singapore

A night of grandeur    Source Source From the elegance of its colonial facade, to its beautiful courtyards - I’ve always felt there was something magical about the Raffles Hotel. It is after all, Singapore’s most historic landmarks, and has hosted diplomats and royalties from all over the world. With...
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16 Best Japanese Buffets in Singapore Starting From Just $18.90

About Japanese Buffets   Here’s my routine when eating buffets: I’ll recce the restaurant, grab the nearest plate and load it up with food, before stuffing the food into my mouth.  Even though it’s common to overeat at buffets, to us pragmatic Singaporeans, we’re just eating our money’s worth of...
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Escape Restaurant’s New Thai Buffet Brings The Best Of Thai Food To Singaporeans

About Escape Restaurant & Lounge   Escape Restaurant & Lounge is a new buffet restaurant within the premises of One Farrer Hotel & Spa at Farrer Park. Apart from its regular buffet spread, the restaurant is collaborating with guest chef Aek Charttrakul to serve up authentic Thai cuisine. The buffet...
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The Knolls Has A Chocolate Wonderland & Tea Buffet Till 24th May 2015

A Chocoholic’s Paradise   Chocolate is one of the greatest loves of my life. Something magical happens in The Knolls, one of Capella hotel’s dining establishments every Friday afternoon. The winding hallway in The Knolls is transformed into a chocolate wonderland, as cakes of every colour adorn the stands, and...
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10 Best Hotel Buffets You Cannot Miss In 2015

10 Hotel Buffets Not To Miss In 2015   Buffets. Ahh the idea of free flow food, stuffing yourself silly and then slowly slipping into a food coma as the day passes… who doesn’t like that? International, chinese, breakfast, japanese, ice-cream and even durian buffets are all the rage right...
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[Closed] Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chef Wan at 1 Market

About 1 Market   Note: As of June 2016, 1 Market is now closed. Popular Malaysian celebrity chef, Chef Wan, unites local delights from all over Asia in 1 Market, a halal buffet restaurant on the 4th floor of Plaza Singapura. 1 Market offers a diverse range of food from...
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