7 Rapidly Growing Singaporean Companies That Are Hiring Right Now

play air-hockey at work
Companies proudly made-in-SG   Image credit: e27 As a seven-year-old, my “dream job” involved venturing into mysterious jungles in search of lost artefacts, or going to space with NASA. Both could render me gone from the face of the earth, which I unwillingly came to accept growing older. This was...
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9 BreadTalk Offerings You've Never Kiap-ed Onto Your White Tray

BreadTalk underrated treats
BreadTalk's best hidden treats you haven't tried   It seems like BreadTalk is synonymous with pork floss buns, judging from Singaporeans’ undying love for Flosss Buns since over 16 years ago. But there’s more to the homegrown bakery chain than you know. While you’re making a beeline to your perennial...
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Singapore's Most Influential Brands Were Honored At This Grand Gala Event

Influential Brands 2016
The “Oscars” for Singapore's best brands   Source: Influential Brands 2016 marked the momentous year Leo Dicaprio broke his winless streak at the Oscars, finally taking home the highest honor for actors - the coveted gold statuette. Actors put in years of hard work for their Oscars ovations, but few...
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BreadTalk Is Turning 16 And Your Favorite Buns Are Going For ONLY $1

Feast Away With BreadTalk   Our homegrown bakery BreadTalk is celebrating their 16th Anniversary this July and they’re rewarding fans with a month-long of store promotions! Keep your eyes on the lookout for their golden week (14 - 21 July), as 16 fan-favourite buns will be on sale at ONLY...
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10 Best Uniquely Singaporean Buns Below $2.50

Have your bread and eat it   There’s no doubt about it - bread is practically every Singaporean’s favourite breakfast and tea-time snack. Wherever we go and whatever we do, a good bun is just what we need to get us through the day. Everyone has their favourite go-to bakery...
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